Chase International Affiliations

The Yee Hedley Group's association with Chase International affords us exclusive memberships and international affiliations, ensuring worldwide exposure for our finest properties. The partnerships you find here are just one more reason why Chase International reigns as the leader in luxury real estate.

Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate

Chase International Real EstateChase International is a member of an elite global network of Real Estate Professionals known for their exceptional dedication to the Luxury Property buying and selling experience. With prominent agents in over 80 countries throughout the world, each member is committed to their own high standards of market performance, professionalism and quality service.

Luxury Real Estate

Chase International Real EstateChase International's website has been ranked as the best luxury real estate website by top business publication, Forbes, for the past five consecutive years. With daily updates of listings and promotion on over 500 of the industry's most important real estate websites, there is no question that this praise is well-deserved.

Board of Regents

Chase International Real EstateThe best of the best, contacts acquired through this exclusive network are some of the most legendary in the field, placing Chase International and its agents among the world's top real estate names.

Leading Estates of the World

Chase International Real EstateChase International showcases its remarkable homes in this glossy, worldwide publication for luxury properties. Privately distributed by each of its members to exclusive recipients, this magazine is also delivered to many of the world's finest hotels, international airports and bookstores.

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World

Chase International Real EstateRepresenting over 700 real estate businesses, Chase International receives some of its most important referrals and contacts from this relocation network.

Luxury Portfolio

Chase International Real EstateThe “Flagship Luxury Program” of the world's Top Real Estate Companies, this network is elemental in the sale of more luxury property transactions than any other. This distinguished presence consistently draws attention from some of the most illustrious luxury home publications, including Departures, Veranda and Town & Country.

The Registry of Luxury Real Estate Brokers

Chase International Real EstateA summit of international Real Estate brokerages, this group meets annually to discuss the state of sales strategy and communication technology as it pertains to the luxury property market. Armed with the latest cutting-edge practices, Chase International utilizes the insight gained from this meeting in its daily operations as a premier real estate leader.

Artisan Group

Chase International Real EstateThis organization is a union of high-profile Real Estate businesses throughout Northern California that have come together to improve their presence in luxury real estate markets and better represent their clients and properties.

International Real Estate Section

Chase International Real EstateGranting the title of CPIS (Certified International Property Specialist) to those earning, this organization is a recognized authority in the field of Luxury Real Estate, a division of the National Association of Realtors. The CPIS badge marks a real estate Agent's exceptional proficiency and assures customers of this excellence.


Chase International Real EstateAn exclusive association of the 500 finest real estate enterprises in the world, NAEA carefully selects its members from the top independent brokerages specializing in luxury real estate. Chase International's inclusion in this prestigious organization and on their award-winning website cements its reputation as a global leader in high-end property sales.


Chase International Real EstateEstablished in 1937, this Paris-based network brings together real estate experts of all types, including agents, architects, engineers, attorneys, accountants, banks, and other related service providers. Representing professionals in 49 countries throughout the world, its contingent members convene for the World Congress, at which Chase International proudly represents its important contacts.


Chase International Real EstateSince 1995, this London-based organization has brought its clients together with United Kingdom's best luxury real estate professionals. Maintaining an impeccable reputation of quality, integrity and customer satisfaction, Mayfair International Realty serves all of England and Scotland, representing 125 brokerages with 350 offices.

The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing

Chase International Real EstateA majority of Chase International agents have completed specialized training in the field of Luxury Real Estate and are prepared to assist buyers and sellers in near any situation with which they may be faced. The field's premiere training institution and certification authority, this establishment has effectively developed the skills of the industry's most talented luxury real estate contenders.