Remembering Steve Jobs

Posted by The Yee Hedley Group on Thursday, October 6th, 2011 at 5:32pm.

Remembering Steve Jobs...

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I have some information for remembering Steve Jobs.  I spoke to my friend at Apple and he said that the public can send your thoughts, memories, and condolences via email: or go to

Apple logo, Steve Jobs' silhouette

Have you seen the Apple logo with Steve's silhouette?  You can buy the tee shirts from a third party which 100% of the profit will go to NPCF (National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation).


Silicon Valley, apple, steve jobsFor me, Steve Jobs' death hits close to home.  I grew up in the Silicon Valley in Sunnyvale and I lived there for 20+ years since 1980.  I saw the ups and downs of the Silicon Valley.  It's hard not too.  The computer tech industry was the life line for everyone that lived in the Silicon Valley.

Growing up in Silicon Valley, my mom, my aunts, my uncles, and most of my friends' parents all worked in the computer tech companies.  Now we fast forward to today, all my family and friends still live in the Bay Area and my sisters, family and friends also end up working in the computer tech companies in the Silicon Valley. 

Although I didn't know him, but growing up in the Silicon Valley and having my family and friends in the tech industry it's hard losing someone like Steve who is one of the most influential figure of our lifetimes that was part of our community.  He will surely be missed.  He leaves us with an incredible legacy and a great future to look forward to.  He changed our world and the way we view things.

Now, I leave you with a thought.  As I was talking to my friend at Apple and we were remembering Steve, he said to me, "a piece of him is in your hand" as we're texting back and forth with our iPhone.  Although we lose Steve, he will always continue to be part of our lives and his vision and dream will continue.

Thank you Steve for everything.


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