There are many ways to find your next Tahoe property using our site's robust search engine. At the beginning of each search, you will find a great list of fine properties to browse. However, you may be looking for something in particular that might not be there. So, to make the most out of your property search, let us familiarize you with the best way to utilize our advanced searching features:



If it's your first time using the system, you will be prompted to Register on our website. The Yee Hedley Group highly recommend completing this step, which will give you extended access to our site, as well as our search's advanced property-finding features. You can even save your search data for the long term. Enabling our site's full suite of features will allow you to further personalize your search, enrich your experience and help you make better decisions in finding your property.

The Property Search Interface

Within the search you will find three main components:

A. Result Navigation Bar (top, main-left area): a navigation control for browsing your results.
B. Search Results (main-left area): a detailed list of properties found in your search.
C. Search Criteria (right sidebar): preferences to set for refining your search.


A. Result Navigation Bar


Knowing how to browse your search results is key to using our search function effectively. The Result Navigation Bar (top, main-left area) is made up of these components:
  1. Result Data (upper left): the number of properties found and result pagination details.
  2. Navigation Arrows (upper right): clickable buttons for paging listed search results.
  3. Display Mode (lower left): clickable buttons for displaying search results in one of the three following modes:
    • Thumbnails: a gallery-style display of the properties found in your search; this is our site's default display mode.
    • List: an ordered brief-style display of your search's properties.
    • Map: a geographic location-specific search for properties.
  4. Sorting Criteria (lower right): a pull-down menu, for sorting properties in the following ways: Price, High to Low; Price, Low to High;

B. Search Results


Each entry in your search results contains valuable information about the property it represents: Image; Price; Location; Beds / Baths; Area; Property Type; MLS Number;


The following buttons function for each entry where available:
Bookmark (star): saves property to 'My Bookmarked Listings'.
View Details (green): opens property page for further information.
Map (grey): displays property in its geographic location.

Entry Types

Each display mode has its own type of entry. Below are example Search Result entries as they appear for each respective display mode, as indicated:
*bookmark favorites to find them easily
*map displays properties as selected.
*hovering entry repositions map to property location

Map Navigation

Using the map to locate your property is a very useful feature and a great way to survey the area. The map offers the following components for navigation:
Map Repositioning (Buttons): Click map_up_51down_51  left_49      right_51 to move the map N, S, W, E respectively.
Map Repositioning (Cursor): Position your  hand_cursor_30 cursor over the map, click the map, drag to reposition as required, and release.
Map Scale (Buttons): Click the zoom_in_21 and zoom_out_21 to zoom in and out respectively.
Map Scale (Slider): Click and drag the slider_40  slider up and down to zoom in and out respectively.
Map View (default): Click the map_view_button_67 button to engage a traditional 2-dimensional road map.
Satellite View: Click the satellite_view_button_67 button to view a aerial photographic display of the map.
Terrain View: Click the terrain_view_button_67 button to engage a topographic survey map.
For more details about finding properties using the map, see the Map Search section of this document.

C. Search Criteria

Make the most of your search by setting specifications in the right sidebar:
First, choose your region of interest from the list in the lake_tahoe_regions_heading_180 selector. You can further refine your search by specifying any of the following: City; Area; Property Type; Property Sub-Type; Price Range; Bedrooms; Bathrooms; Property Size; Lot Size; Year Built; Location; View; Search Location; Address; Polygon; Radius;
Clicking refine_search_197 will update your Search Results with the criteria specified.

Five Ways To Find Properties

1. Custom Search


The most basic way to search might often be the best. Our traditional Custom Search (see above) is tailored specifically to the area, providing an experience tailored for your needs as they pertain to life in Lake Tahoe.

2. Map Search

For details about repositioning, scaling and viewing this map, please see the Map Navigation section of this document.


One of our site's most robust features is the ability to search for properties within a specific geographic location, as specified by you!
To begin conducting your Map Search, click the map_54 button from the Result Navigation Bar (A) to find your properties displayed geographically. You will find additional options added to the Search Criteria (C) in the right sidebar for this display mode:

Polygon Search

Click draw_polygon_105 to begin defining your search. to draw a polygon, click on the map where you want to begin. move your cursor to another point on the map to make a second point, creating the first side of your polygon. click another point to make the second side of your polygon. continue clicking points on the map to make your desired shape. click back at your original point to close the polygon.

Radius Search

Click draw_radius_105 to begin specifying a radial area on the map. click on the map where you want to define the origin of your radius. next, click the circular handle and pull your cursor away from the center point to create a circular region that is your radial area. release your mouse button where you want to stop drawing your radius.
Click refine_search_197 to update your Search Results with your new data.

3. Search SOLD Properties

*example SOLD Property search
Sometimes, the best way to find your property is to look at the market for the right clues. Search our SOLD properties to get a better understanding of Lake Tahoe's constantly changing market trends.

4. Bookmark Your Favorites

*example saved properties in 'My Bookmarked Listings'

The best part about searching for property is finding the right match! Bookmarking your favorite properties will save you time and energy in your search efforts:

Simply star_23 any property and it will be added to your 'My Bookmarked Listings' page. This feature is only available upon registration. Make your searches resourceful by keeping track of your favorite properties.

5. Save Your Searches and Get Listings via Email

*click the 'SAVE this search...' dialog
(found at the top right of every search)
to keep track of important findings.
One of the key features to our website is the ability to save your property searches. This is an incredible resource-saver, and will help you recall your important propery findings at any point in your search:
Save your search by clicking the save_search_button_59 dialog at the top of your search results. You can then recall it at any time from your 'My Saved Searches' page. You can also skip the manual search and receive our personalized Daily Listings Email, filled with properties matching your search criteria, direct to your inbox! This feature is available upon registration. Get an edge on your property search and start saving your searches Today!
*sample listings notification email

Questions? Contact Us

If you have any questions about what we have covered or would like to discuss your options for property in the Lake Tahoe area, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you find the answers and the Real Estate you need.


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